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Conditions I Treat

The conditions that I commonly treat include the following (click on each title to get more information).

 Urinary Incontinence
Including passing urine too frequently, difficulty passing urine, bladder pain and frequent cystitis).

of the womb and vaginal walls.

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 Period problems
Periods can be troublesome because they are heavy, frequent, prolonged or painful. Infrequent or absent periods are a problem to some women, especially those wanting to conceive.

 Irregular Vaginal Bleeding
Bleeding in between periods may be a sign of serious underlying disease, especially in women over 40 years. Bleeding after the menopause may also be a sign of serious disease and should always be investigated. Bleeding after sexual intercourse may be caused by a range of conditions of the cervix, mostly benign but also occasionally, cervical cancer.

 Menopausal Problems
Common symptoms include hot sweats, mood swings, dry vagina and osteoporosis.

 Pelvic Pain
Common causes include endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, fibroids and irritable bowel syndrome. Often co-exists with deep dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse) and painful periods.

 Vulval Problems
Symptoms include itching, burning, discharge and lumps and ulcers.

Can be divided into ovulatory disorders, disease of the fallopian tubes, male factor and unexplained infertility.
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